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My photos. Photos very different. Mainly linked to the Olympiad, the university and cars.

Photos from our difficult university life. Also in this section, you can get acquainted with your own eyes and see some interesting personalities, watch student tricks and the like.

Teamwork Olympics programming in Mozyr's Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Shamyakin. Attended:

Pasha Pekun a.k.a. ] KiDex [

Vasya Petuh a.k.a. Devigerro

Koljan Akulich a.k.a. mikolka

Artem Romanov a.k.a. C00Lib1N and others. So, thriller ....

Student Olympics programming in 2008, held in GSTU named after Pavel Sukhoi.

At this time had to act as the organizer. Olympics held tolerated. Photos here.

Really Jeep Trial was runned in Gomel


Photos related to automobiles, motorcycles, travel and the like.


Travel to the Chernoe sea, Ukraine, Beregovoe


Photos that were not covered in any of the preceding sections.