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Here you can find a variety of sources written in Delphi, C + +, PHP, etc.

2008-08-09 :.

A little programm, that translates string constants to Brainfuck programming language.

2008-05-11 :.

C++ imagesize - read the dimensions of an image in PNG and JPEG files.

Requirements: libstdc++ only

The report is written entirely in LaTeX and meets many exUSSR standarts. It may be useful in solving various problems and difficulties adapting TeX / LaTeX document to the proper mind
By the way, normal AutoLISP program on the Internet now too rarely found. So maybe and even the very essence of course who will help

2006-02-25 :.

Not a bad implementation of the algorithm, looking for minimal sewing tree. Graf kept a list of ribs. Used a rapid screening (QSort). To work with sets realized Forest disjoint sets.

2006-02-08 :.

Sources program, located in the maximum flow graph. Sources presented at 2 languages: C + + and Delphi (Pascal). Search maximum flow method of Ford-Falkersona. Search queue along the way. Graf kept contiguity list. The required memory - 6E +4 V (where E - the number of arcs in box; V - the number tops). The complexity of the algorithm - O (E ^ 2 * V).

2005-12-27 :.

Sourcecode one of the most famous algorithms. It is looking for the shortest way in box tops from any before each summit. In this example, Earl kept in contiguity list, and search the minimum element organized binary heap. Heap approved by Minyaylov Vladimir - silver winner World Olympiad school programming in 2005, gold winner World Olympiad school programming in 2006.

2005-11-04 :.

Long arithmetic unit for Delphi. Realized: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. All possible and fractional numbers of different sign.
As in the previous young gross errors were found, the entire unit has been rewritten. Was written in Turbo Pascal.

2005-08-17 :.

WinApi programming example.
In this example author working (creation of components) with:

1) Form
2) The main menu (Menu)
3) Buttons (Button)
4) Redaktiruemoe box (Edit)
5) label (Label)
6) Timer (Timer).

There is also an example of using a standard window (MessageBox) and the withdrawal of some standard sounds (Beep). The entire source perfectly commented.
This example was written more as article than as a source - so that the code is that Reading