Jeep Trial 2008

Really Jeep Trial was runned in Gomel



Team with number 69 to get competition. For big red flags immediately was named eared us :)
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Opel Kadett2008-06-16

Opel Kadett

Yes! This is a car brands Opel. He just quite a bit transformed by local craftsmen! :-D
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Svetoslav Stepanov2008-06-16

Svetoslav Stepanov

Svetoslav Stepanov - my classmate
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Mustang Jeep :-D
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A spare wheel2008-06-16

A spare wheel

Pay attention to the jeep's spare wheel
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Preparations in the process2008-06-16

Preparations in the process

Last minute preparations for the race. Global checking all systems, correcting faults in hastily:)
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At the top2008-06-16

At the top

This is not transferable sense: to stand on top of the hill, see and hear as you bear a large and powerful monster, to see how he leaves to the top before your eyes, and only at the last moment svorachivaet aside from the terrible roar
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Number 892008-06-16

Number 89

Number 89 was trying to pass obstacle reversing.
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Not simple obstacles 2008-06-16

Not simple obstacles

Passage obstacles simply not true. Most participants got on the belly, or could not find us
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Number 502008-06-16

Number 50

The crew numbered 50 passes obstacles
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At the trial was attended by jeep even motorcycles:) The truth is, not as participants
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Check the slop2008-06-16

Check the slop

Jeep from the class enters into almost a hobby of shallow slope
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At a water obstacle jeep did managed to stop the midst of water
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Rescue of swimming2008-06-16

Rescue of swimming

But surrounded remove water from a rope
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ATV swimming 2008-06-16

ATV swimming

ATV racer also decided to refresh
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Eared in action2008-06-16

Eared in action

And so on the first day ride eared
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UAZ passes obstacles2008-06-16

UAZ passes obstacles

Visible to the overall picture of the first day of competition
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Fire fly2008-06-16

Fire fly

So here is this kid jumps machine ...
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Pipe drowned man2008-06-16

Pipe drowned man

When I try to have drowned man driving (after 2 hours after the drowning) from the exhaust pipe resulted 7 buckets of water. Failing shot, but the water pressure was 3 times thicker ...
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Start process. Day 2
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Race in progress2008-06-16

Race in progress

So the process itself looked race
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Race favorits2008-06-16

Race favorits

Both rolled nicely and quickly
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A small but remove2008-06-16

A small but remove

This "smally" the departure of one of the best
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Opel Jumping2008-06-16

Opel Jumping

Note the front wheels are already detached from the land - the speed was decent
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One participant in every way trying to overtake another
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Brests team2008-06-16

Brests team

Team from belarussian sity named Brest.
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Dust was a lot. She flew in all directions: in the driver's cab, in cameras and lenses in the eyes of viewers
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That you do not huhry-muhry, a real professional seat. Also installed security framework. Training participants really at a high level
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Opel Kadett after the rally2008-06-16

Opel Kadett after the rally

This is Opel "purely" looked after race
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